At Broadway Cleaning we understand that what we do can have a significant impact on the environment. In order to minimise this impact, we adhere to a ‘green’ cleaning regime which helps reduce our customers and our carbon footprint. We are committed to working in conjunction with our customers to help reduce our combined environment impact.

We are proud to boast the extensive measures taken here at Broadway Cleaning to ensure our organisation meets long-term initiatives, to create an organisation that leads foremost with the goal to DELIVER ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE SERVICE OFFERINGS across all levels.

We are proud to have extensively incorporated into our core cleaning operations the Enviroplus natural cleaning chemical range and the use of microfiber technology. Our core range of cleaning products and solutions are organically derived products that are environmentally and user friendly.

Extensive adoption of microfiber technology has allowed significant reductions in disposable, single use products of the past and provided a significantly reduced reliance on chemicals. Ultimately by doing so we provide not only our internal staff but, most importantly, our CLIENTELE WITH PIECE OF MIND that their purchase decision is not to the detriment of the environment.

Where our customers have their own specialised environmental programs (for example: site specific recycling regimes), we work with that customer to ensure that our cleaning regime complies and or compliments such programs.